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The Shea Lab works at the interface of regenerative medicine, biomaterials, and gene and drug delivery. The central theme for the various projects is creating synthetic environments which can be employed to molecularly dissect tissue formation or promote regeneration. Of particular emphasis in the lab is:

  • Identifying the fundamental design parameters for delivery of gene therapy vectors from biomaterials. We investigate strategies based on either sustained release approach or surface immobilization (i.e., substrate mediated delivery). These design parameters provide a fundamental tool for numerous applications.
  • Applying the controllable microenvironments to in vitro and in vivo models of tissue formation, which includes ovarian follicle maturation, nerve regeneration and islet transplantation.
  • Developing diagnostic assays for cancer research using the fundamental tools of gene delivery from biomaterials.
In the News:
  • Congratulations to Woon Teck Yap and Kelsey Song on the acceptance of their manuscript titled "Quantification of particle-conjugated or -encapsulated peptides on interfering reagent backgrounds" to the journal BioTechniques.  The manuscript addresses the challenge of quantifying peptides or proteins on or within the PLG nanoparticles. 

  • Congratulations to Stephanie Seidlits and Aline Thomas on the acceptance of their manuscript titled "Sonic hedgehog and neurotrophin-3 increase oligodendrocyte numbers and myelination after spinal cord injury" in Integrative Biology.  Congratulations to Ashley Goodman, Todor Kukushliev, and Donna Hasani that helped significantly with the manuscript.